Right-click any element in the Crater Editor to open the right-click menu.

Note: Mac users should click/tap with two fingers on trackpad or press Ctrl and click the mouse button.

Right-Click Menu includes the following options:

Bring to Front - Moves the object in front of all the other object
Bring Forward - It allows to bring the object one step closer to the front.
Send backward - It allows to send an object one step toward the back.
Send to back - Moves the object behind of all the other object.

Zoom In - Makes everything larger (Mac: Cmd and +)
Zoom Out - Makes everything smaller (Mac: Cmd and -)
Actual size - Sets the zoom level of the Editor workspace to 100%.
Entire Drawboard - Shows the entire Editor workspace.

Undo - Allows you to undo an action in the Editor workspace.
Redo - Allows you to redo an action in the Editor workspace.
Save Changes - Allows to saves the changes you made.

Cut - Removes the item from its current location and copy it to the Clipboard.
Copy - Copies the selected item to the Clipboard.
Paste - Inserts the current Clipboard content into the new location.

Note: You can also use the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+X -to cut , Ctrl+C to copy an element and Ctrl+V to paste (Mac: Cmd+X, Cmd+C and Cmd+V ).

Delete - Removes the selected item.
Select All - Selects all the items in the Editor Workspace.