If your publication contains adult content you're required to mark it as "adult" so that it is not visible for viewers under the age of 18

Before distributing your publications on the Newsstand make sure the restriction is set, since our moderation team checks the published content and may remove it from Newsstand if necessary. 

If you continuously create and distribute adult content you can indicate it in the publication settings. If a publication with adult content is rare - use the issue settings instead.

Here's how to indicate that an issue contains adult content:

1. Open the needed issue and click Edit Settings.

2. Check the This issue contains adult content box.

3. Once the box is checked, click Save and Close.

There you are! Now, your issue will be available to readers who confirm they are over 18 years old.

Joomag blog: Do not forget to follow Joomag's content guidelines before publishing your publication.