Joomag made it incredibly easy to collect information from your readers. You can use fully customizable forms in your publications to build up a base of leads who can later become your active subscribers.

Note: This feature is available with our Enterprise Plan.

To manage your newly created and existing forms follow these steps:

1. Click the CRM button on the left sidebar of your Dashboard.

2. Proceed to the Forms tab.

3. Here you'll see the list of forms you've already created along with form names, submission numbers, creation, and modification dates. 

4. Click the Used In link to see in which issue the form has been used. 

5. When hovering over the form you have the options to Share, Edit and Delete the form.

  • Share: When clicking the Share link you'll see the direct link and HTML code of your form. You can copy both of them and embed wherever needed.
  • Edit: When clicking the Edit link, you'll be redirected to the Form Builder where you can edit the fields of your form.
  • Delete: When clicking the Delete link you'll be asked to confirm the action. The form itself will disappear from wherever it was used, however, the custom fields you have created will be kept in the Form Builder. Click the Delete button if you do want to remove the form.