After creating your publication it's time to go live and distribute it! The question is who you want to share it with. There are several privacy options on Joomag which you set up yourself. The option "Anyone with the link" means that anyone who has the link can access your publication without limitation, still, it can't be published on the newsstand. Please note that if you share the link of your publication on a website or a social network, your publication will be included in the Search Engines index, however, you can always exclude it from the Search Engines.  

If you wish to share your publication with Anyone with the link, follow the steps below.

1. Click the Go Live button of your issue.

2. Click the Change Settings button. Settings.fw-gi4.png

3. Mark the Anyone with the link option and click the Go Live Now button.

4. You can go to any page of your issue and copy the direct link. -OZg

5. You can also connect your social account to your Joomag account and once your publication goes live you can choose to post it either on the Twitter wall or on your Facebook page if you have any.

Warning: In case you don't have any Facebook page besides your profile, this option will not be available for you. pages.fw-LM0.png

6. After sharing your issue, we give you the opportunity to embed it on a website or to customize the link.