To start an email campaign, you need to create an email template first. To do it follow these steps:

1. Click the Email Marketing on the left sidebar.

2. Go to the Email Templates tab.

3. Click the Create New button.

4. There are 5 templates for you to choose as the foundation for your design. You can choose a template with one, two or three columns or a template which has got left or right sidebar. You may click the Preview button to see how the templates look. 

 5. After choosing the template you like, start editing it.

6. Give a name to your template then add and edit the information you wish.

Note: You can also select one of your publications to mail it.

7. Once you're done editing click the Save button.

8. Once it's ready, your template will appear in the list of templates. When you hover over the template, you'll see 3 icons. Use them whenever you want to edit, clone or delete the template.

Learn more about working with the Email editor.

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