Country privacy is a great feature that enables you to set up the countries where you want or do not want your publication to be available. 

Note: This feature is only available with the Enterprise Plan. 

You can arrange privacy settings both for a publication folder and for a specific issue. 

To set up the country privacy for a publication folder follow these steps:

1. Go to My publications and choose the publication you want to set up.

2. Click the Edit Settings button.

3.  Click the Privacy button on the right upper corner.

4.  Scroll down and activate country privacy settings.

5. If there are countries you wish to grant access to, click the Allow button and type in the country name in the text box.

If there are countries you wish to prohibit access to, click the Deny button and type in the country name in the text box.

Note: You need to type in the first two letters of the country name and the system will generate matching variants. 

6. The settings will automatically apply to the new issues that you add to this publication folder. Check the box if you want the settings to apply to the issues already existing in your folder.

7. Click Save and Close and you're done!

Learn how to apply the country privacy settings to a specific issue.