Everyone knows about the importance of measuring campaign effectiveness and the best way to do it is by using campaign statistics.  

Campaign statistics show whom you emailed, whether the contact opened your message, if they clicked through on your links or whether they unsubscribed from your messages. It will also record any issues found with a contact’s email address showing ‘bounces’.

To see your stats just follow these steps:

1. Click on the Email Marketing button on the left sidebar. 

2. There are two ways to see the campaign statistics. Either click on the Name of the campaign or click on the View stats button.

3. There you'll see the statistics of that campaign, as the campaign's type, name, date and time when it was launched.

The statistics include:

Recipients: Quantity of emails that have been selected and queued for delivery.

Delivered: Quantity of emails that have been accepted by the receiving server. 

Note: A message delivered doesn't mean that made it to the inbox. It simply means the receiving server has accepted the message then the server will decide what to do with it.

Not delivered: Quantity of emails that have not been delivered due to different reasons, such as recipient mailbox error, such as a non-existent or full mailbox or recipient previously marked your messages as spam.

Clicked: Quantity of emails where the recipients have clicked on a link in the email.

Opened: Quantity of emails where the recipient opened the email and enabled image viewing

Unsubscribed: Quantity of subscribers who opted out of the email list.

4. You can print and/or download the statistics, by clicking the Chart context menu icon. 

5. Choose if you want to print and/or download statistics as a PNG, JPEG, SVG Vector image or a PDF file. Click on the option and the statistics will be downloaded automatically.