Whether you want to inform your readers about important news at your company or send them single issues and complimentary subscriptions, you'll need to launch an email campaign.

To see all the campaigns you've sent and their details follow these steps:

1. Click on the Email Marketing button on the left sidebar.

2. On the right, you'll see your email campaigns with their information.

Name: This is the name of the campaign that you put when creating it.

Note: You can also see the campaign type under the campaign name.

Subject: Shows the title specified by you about the message.

Date: Indicates when the campaign was launched.

Recipients: Shows to how many people the message was sent.

Delivered: Percentage of the recipients who received the message. 

Not delivered: Percentage of the recipients who did not get the message. Check Campaign Statistics for more details.

3. When you hover over a campaign, you'll see the View recipients button. Click on it to see who exactly has received your message.