In order to guarantee a better reader experience, we are migrating our publication viewer from Flash to HTML5. From now on, for all the newly created issues the HTML5 viewer will be enabled by default. In case you want to enable the Flash Viewer, follow the instructions below: 

Important: If you haven't enabled the HTML5 viewer from your account settings before, all your existing issues will still use the Flash viewer.

1. From the My Publications page open the publication folder you wish and click the Edit Settings button of your issue.

2. Go to the VIEWER tab. 

3. Check the Enable Flash Viewer box. 

This will enable the Flash viewer for the issue. 

Don't forget to click SAVE AND CLOSE to apply the changes. 

Disable the Flash viewer:

1. In case you want to disable the Flash Viewer for all the issues in the publication folder, click the link under the checkbox line. 

2. Confirm that you want to disable the Flash viewer and you are done!