If you don't have a PDF file to upload and create your catalog you can use one of our templates. For doing that, follow the steps below: 

First, create a catalog folder. 

1. Go to My Publications page.

2. Click either the Create Publication button or the Create button, if you haven't created any other catalog folder yet.  

3. Enter a title for your catalog folder and click the Create button.

That's it! Go on and choose one of our templates for your catalog.

4. Open the catalog folder you've just created and click the + Add New Issue button.

5. Go to the Create From Template tab and choose the Catalog section.

6. Here you'll have to specify the number of pages you wish to create and select a template.

Note: Keep in mind that you may add/remove pages anytime later.

7. Click the CREATE ISSUE AND FINISH button after you're done.

Your catalog is ready! Now you can replace the images of the template with the ones you have and add some hyperlinks!