Your workspace URL is the web address your members will use to access Joomag.

To add a custom URL for your workspace, do the steps below:

1. Go to the Account Settings > Workspace. settings workspace .fw-u0U.png

2. Enter the URL you want and click the CREATE button.

Important:  Your workspace URL can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes (and must start with a letter or number). URL.fw-NLQ.png

After configuration, this URL will be used by your workspace members to sign in to your account.

Warning: Your workspace is using SSO for authentication. Switching your workspace URL may break your user's ability to login if you don't also make changes in your login provider configuration.

That's it! You can rename or set a new URL for your workspace at any time.

Note: If you change your workspace's URL, Joomag will automatically redirect from the old to the new address. However, you should still make sure everyone in your workspace knows about the change.