There is an option to schedule the publishing so that the draft issue goes live automatically on a specific day. 

You select the desired date and the issue goes live on the selected day at 00:01 UTC.

Note: This option is available starting from our Business plan.

For scheduling the publishing day of your issue, do the following:

1. Select the issue you wish and click the Go Live button.

2. Click the Calendar button to set the date for publishing.

3. Choose the date to schedule the publishing.  

Note: Not only days, but also months and years are clickable in the calendar.

That's it! Now, your issue will go live on the selected date at 00:01 UTC.

Editing scheduled publication time

You can change the scheduled publication date in the following way:

1. Click the Calendar button of the issue.

2. Select the date you wish and confirm the changes.

Click the Remove Scheduling button to cancel the scheduled publishing.

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