To connect your domain to Joomag's servers, you will need to setup an A record for your domain name to point to Joomag. This should be done on your domain registrar's website.

In most cases you will need to create one entry for your domain without the www and another entry with the www, assuming you want your website to show up regardless of how visitors type your domain name.

Example One:


Example Two: 


And you may find still more slight variations. Don't panic, though. The rule of thumb is to create your entries to look like the ones already there, and if the entry already exists, then edit it instead of adding a new one.

What to Change

  • IP address - Instead of using the IP address (111.222.333.444) used in the examples above, substitute the IP address with
  • Domain Name - You should also substitute your actual domain where it currently says

Leave all other information the same (formatted according to the specifications of your DNS server).

Learn more about linking the domain to your publication.