On Joomag you can create a publication from scratch, based on a predesigned template or a PDF file. To create an issue from blank:

1. From My Publications page open the publication you wish and click the + Add New Issue button.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/hKBpNHEYv8RyLQSdZyLGqIwHDOW-HuN7YOveD_Zh09A/add new issue 0.fw-1Gk.png

2. Go to the Create from Blank tab.

3. Here you need to specify the number of pages you are planning to have, the spread type and the page orientation of your issue.

Note: Keep in mind that you may add/remove pages anytime later.

Learn more about adding pages.

Get more info about removing pages.

4. Click on the Create Issue and Finish button to save the changes, or More Options to proceed to the advanced settings.