If you wish to allow your readers to order the hard copies of your issue.

1. From My Publications page open the publication you wish and click the Printing Settings https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/95hshCbkaoXFZJ3b31lHWGhSg41ZxOiVtTJWLA7rD7w/printing-settings-B1A.png button of your issue.

2. Activate the Enable Printing radio button by clicking on it.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/rKwKdjCWDPSOnV_RVRPbWwous5wu5IldzDVaFTfTN1Y/enable printing 00.fw-J3k.png

3. Specify your own margin to add it on top of the net price.

Important: 30% of this amount will be deduced as a commission we charge for our services.
https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/KTyLRhWr8mxfDv1eVy4058E45DCatfMbjPvemB6l7tY/net prices 00.fw-kQ8.png

4. Click the SAVE AND CLOSE button when you are done.

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