If you added a new user and you wish to change the email address of that user follow these steps:

1. Go to Account Settings > Users.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/5mJYYWI6KyV3iIg-NnFNVIq54hDuD0CJLyn3M5qQ8wc/account settings -IJk

2. Select the user's email you wish to change and click the Edit Profile button, after it click the Delete User button.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/jkuxV3RggHaQQPrwjt_xxaBJG9_sZ5xc2THFiwNFpEI/delete users 00.fw-q78.png

3. Now that you have deleted your user, it's time to create it once again. Click the Add New User button.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/AYonyxMOHq5SHiHO10LBzLA-S8CzJ7wRK0LU_K9j8U0/create new user 00.fw-OvA.png

4. Enter the new user's name, email and choose from the dropdown menu a group for him/her. Click the Create And Purchase button when you're done!

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/Nx6j1ilgYkjKwwUzxKv9Jx2yWyIGUZG4VbEE9W71H30/YcM6qdRkbLKZjkIuZ-UCHVFDoPyrgwr8pEXZa84L5_c/full name -ou4