For adding users to your account do the following:

1. Go to Account Settings > Users. settings -RwI

2. Click the Add New User button. new user 00.fw-UQk.png

3. Enter the new user's name, the email and then choose a group from the dropdown menu. name -POc

You may choose one of the following groups:

  • Admin - Admins have full access to the account, except dealing with payment related tasks.
  • Content Writer - Content Writers can only create, edit and clone publications.
  • Editor - Editors have full access to the publications, including creating, editing, deleting, cloning, publishing and viewing statistics.
  • Marketing Manager - Marketing Manager is responsible for the promotion of publications using the mass mailing functionality, along with ability to view publications and their statistics.
  • Spectators - Can only view publications.

4. When you're done click the Create And Purchase button.

Done! Now you have to wait until the user accepts your invitation.