You can customize and change the page turning effect for a specific issue. For doing that, follow these steps:

Note: This feature is available with our Premium plans.

1. From the My Publications page open the publication you wish and click the Edit Settings button of the issue.

2. Go to the VIEWER tab and find the Viewer Mode option. Choose the option you are looking for.

  • Flipping - This effect permits you to turn the pages of the publication manually, representing the actual page-flipping effect and giving the advantage to the user with the unique experience of reading an actual printed publication.
Important: To have the Flipping option you need to activate the Flash viewer first. 
  • Sliding - This effect lets you slide the pages of your publication from right to left and vice versa. It adds a dynamic flair to the publication, smoothing the transition between pages.
  • Page per page - This effect permits you to show one page at a time, giving a unique style to your publication.

3. Click the SAVE AND CLOSE button when you're done.