For each newly created publication system template will be generated by default.

You can customize your system templates for the following cases:

  • When a new issue is published
  • When sending a single issue with our Awesome CRM
  • When sending complimentary subscriptions with Awesome CRM
  • When someone subscribes to your publication.

If you wish to customize the system template of your publication, follow the steps below:

1. Click the Awesome CRM button of the left sidebar. CRM 0-B8k.png

2. Go to the Mail Templates tab.

3. Choose the system template for the publication you want and click the Edit button.

4. Select the content block you wish to customize and click the Edit button.

5. Choose the case for which you need the customization from the dropdown menu and start editing.

6. When you finish customizing the block click the SAVE & CLOSE button.

7. Go on editing or just click Save when you're done!

8. In case you wish to discard changes click the Reset button.

Note: Learn more about working with the Email Editor.