To start a mail campaign, you need to create a mail template first. For doing that:

1. Click the Awesome CRM button of the left sidebar.

2. Go to the Mail Templates tab and click the Create button to pick a template. account -NXY

3. There are 5 templates for you to choose as the foundation for your design. You can choose a template with one, two or three columns or a template which has got left or right sidebar. After choosing the one you wish you may start editing it. 0.fw-i9o.png

4. Give a name to your template then add and edit the information you wish.

Note: You can also select one of your publications to mail it.

5. Once you're done editing click the SAVE button. 0.fw-1ks.png

Now your template will appear in the list of templates.

Learn more about working with the Email Editor.

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