If you already have a list of contacts, you may import it from a CSV, XLS or XLSX file. For doing that, follow these steps:

1. Click the Awesome CRM button of the left sidebar.

2. Click the Add Contacts button.

3. Drag and drop or select an XLS, XLSX, CSV file.

4. Type the name of an existing or new contact list to add the imported contacts to it. 

Tip: If there are any contacts in your import list that already exist in your Awesome CRM, check the box to update the contact information for you. This is useful when you are trying to syncronize your CRM list with the external one. 

5. When you enter the name of an existing contact list the Reset selected contact list checkbox becomes available. Choosing this option will remove all contacts from the selected contact list, and import new ones from the uploaded file. 

Note: Your contacts will be removed from the list but you'll still have them in your CRM. 

6. Click the import button to start.  

7. After successfully uploading the file, match the columns in your uploaded list to Joomag list. You can skip the columns you don't need or create new fields for your columns if there isn't one matching your criteria.

8. Once you're done with all your changes click the START IMPORT button which you'll find below.

9. Once the file is imported, you'll see the results, including how many records were imported, how many records were duplicated and how many records were invalid. You may even download the list of invalid records.

That's it! Now you may send emails and subscriptions to your newly imported subscribers.