When you edit the publication in Crater Editor, you can upload your own media files, fonts, and shapes.

Note: If you've got several files, you don't need to upload them one by one. Select all the files you need upload them in one attempt.

 Your library is limited with your storage, however, each upload attempt has a size limitation as well. Below are the file types and sizes supported on Joomag.

  • Images: upload up to 300 MB in .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG format
  • Audio: upload up to 300 MB in .MP3 format
  • Video: upload up to 300 MB in .FLV, .F4V, .MP4  format
  • Flash: upload up to 300 MB in .SWF format. 
  • Fonts: upload up to 1 MB in  TTF, OTF format
  • Shapes: upload up to 100 MB in SVG format.