Adding Getty Images to your publication can be done in a very simple way.

1. Click the Library button from the right toolbar.

2. Go to the Getty Images tab.

You will be able to see 4 categories:

  • Licensed - Category contains all the images you have already bought
  • Used - Category contains all the images you have used in your current issue regardless of whether you have paid for them or not
  • Standard, Exclusive - Categories contain the images you can buy
Tip: Use the filters within each category to refine your search.

3. Click the image you wish to add and place it on the Drawboard. getty images2.fw-Nb8.png

4. Once you pay for the image the watermark will disappear. Make your payment by clicking the Buy button. getty images.fw-aC0.png
Warning: All the images you buy are for single use only, you will not be able to place the same image twice.

5. Save your work once you are done!